When Should You Call Your Bank?


No matter what bank you’re with, most credit and debit cards have a couple of things in common – they all have a unique card number, a 3 digit card security code on the back, a blank space for the cardholder’s signature, and two phone numbers – a customer service number you can call locally and another international number to call your bank when you’re out of the country.

So when should you call your bank? Do you really need to wait until you’re dealing with an emergency or are there other occasions that warrant you giving them a call?

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How to Child-Proof Your Car

child-proof your car

Whether you’re a new parent or you’re revving up for your first road trip with the kids, we have a list of tips and suggestions to make them as comfortable and safe as possible in the car. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the car for two minutes or two hours – your child’s safety should be your first priority. Here are some tips on how to effectively child-proof your car.

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