Is Your Child Ready for the Responsibility of Driving Alone?

driving alone

Many parents experience the agonizing moment when their kids ask if they can borrow the car for themselves for the first time. So what do you say? How do you know if your child is ready to take on that responsibility (and if you’re ready to take on the added insurance costs)? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before letting your child go driving alone on their first solo ride:

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The Basics of Health Insurance

health insurance

Talk to anyone about Canada, and chances are the phrase ‘universal health care’ will be thrown around within a few minutes of talking about the country’s virtues. While it’s true that Canada is certainly ahead of the curve when it comes to providing health care services to its citizens, that doesn’t mean that absolutely every ailment or malady is covered by the government. So what’s actually covered by the government and what’s reliant on a private health insurance company?

For those who aren’t covered by a private insurance company, it can be a shock to realize that you still have to pay for a lot of services and medications out of pocket. Whether you’re a student straight out of school (and no longer covered by your parent’s insurance) or a freelancer/independent contractor, you may find yourself considering opting into buying additional coverage.

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Home Insurance in an Emergency

home insurance

There are few things worse than coming home to discover your entire basement’s been flooded, but at least you know your home insurance will cover it, right?

Not necessarily, actually, in the case of many insurance policies. While your home insurance is supposed to protect your house from damage, many homeowners often discover too late (typically after disaster has already struck) that they’re going to have to pay for the repairs out of pocket for certain incidents.

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