Negative Credit Habits (And How to Break Them)

negative credit

No one consciously decides to accrue massive amounts of debt, but negligent money habits and irresponsible spending can lead you down a slippery slope of relying on borrowed money to stay afloat. If you’re worried that your current money habits might be setting you up to fail later on, read our list of negative credit spending habits so you can do your best to correct them as quickly as possible.

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Asking for Help when you Have Money Trouble

money trouble

Asking for help when you find yourself struggling with something is always challenging, but when there’s money involved too? It can be almost impossible. Everyone stumbles and falls from time to time, and it can cause you a lot of unnecessary pain and hardship if you don’t let yourself open up and reach out to others in times of money trouble.

Here are some tips on teaching yourself to overcome your pride so you can ask for help when you need it.

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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Financial Goals

financial goals

As cliche as it might sound, the start of a new year really is the perfect time to set some resolutions for yourself to try and focus on aspects of your life that could do with some improvement. While for some people that might mean eating healthier or finally cutting out smoking, the vast majority of us could probably benefit from some financial goals.

Here are some tips to help you put your best financial foot forward this new year!

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Dealing With Holiday Debt

holiday debt

The Christmas tree is starting to wilt, the holiday lights are slowly being taken down house by house, and the pies and cakes you bought for Christmas dinner are slowly going bad in the fridge. After a month of good food, good friends, and lots of money spent on gifts and festive paraphernalia, chances are you’re not only tired but also broke. The Holiday Debt Hangover strikes again.

While it’s never fun to deal with your dwindling finances after Christmas is over, it’s something that can’t be ignored.

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