Credit Card History

credit card history

Ever wondered about credit card history or where certain terms come from? Read on to learn some interesting credit card facts!

The word credit comes from the latin word ‘credere’ which means ‘to trust.’(1)

American writer and publisher James Grant said the difference between credit and money is that, “the money supply can be counted, and so can the supply of debt. However the potential supply of debt can only be imagined.”(1)

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How to Give your Finances a Good Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

The grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and you no longer need to trudge outside in your gigantic winter jacket; Spring is finally in the air. While Spring is always a good time to get your home in order and give it a thorough cleaning, we think it’s the perfect time for another type of spring cleaning – a thorough look at your finances from top to bottom.

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