So You Bought a Lemon

bought a lemon

You’ve just shelled out thousands of dollars for a new car. You’ve been assured by the dealership that it’s a fantastic vehicle and you won’t have any problems. But then you’re driving your kids to school and your car just … stops working. Or even worse, you’re on the highway on the way to work and your car breaks down apropos of nothing. The worst case scenario for every new car owner has come true for you. You bought a lemon.

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Car Dealer Terms (and What they Mean)

car dealer terms

There are few things more intimidating than walking into a car dealership feeling unprepared. In order to protect yourself from spending way more money than you really should be, it’s important to educate yourself. We’ve put a list together of some of the most common selling tactics and turns of phrase used by car dealers in order to make a sale so you can know what to expect before you even step onto the lot.

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