Crash Course on Back To School Budgeting

school budgeting

Most university and college students have been back in class for a few weeks now and no matter how optimistic they might have been at the start of the school year, it’s likely they’re already starting to feel the constraints of school budgeting.

Even if you have a job during the school year, there’s no way to work as many hours as you would during the summer and that – combined with the drastically increased costs that come with having to pay for classes, textbooks, rent, transportation, food, and everything else that comes with being a student – means that you’re probably starting to feel the pinch in your pocket.

We’ve compiled a list of posts on saving money as a student that we hope will help you with your school budgeting so you can stay on track as you pursue higher education!

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How to Practice Self-Discipline


The idea of Treating yourself (in which you let yourself indulge in material things that bring you enjoyment) is a fairly popular one in current society. While the concept  itself of making sure to set aside a portion of your income to spend on things that will make you happy is a fair one, there are a few guidelines you should stick to before blowing through your hard earned money – especially when it comes to more expensive purchases (like a TV, a new stereo or computer etc).  Here are some of our suggestions for practicing self-discipline when indulging.

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Saving Money When on a Budget

saving money

If there’s one bit of advice we think absolutely everyone should hear, it would be saving money. Whether it’s in the form of an emergency fund, an RRSP, or a TFSA, everyone should have a certain amount of money put aside.

Of course, this can be a pretty major challenge for anyone who’s already struggling to pay all their bills every month. While it’ll require a shift in spending habits, it’s not impossible to start saving. Here’s how.

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