Car Add-Ons Worth the Splurge

car add-ons

It’s common knowledge that car dealers will try to saddle you with a bunch of extras and car add-ons you really don’t need when you buy a new car to pad the sale (‘Etch’ is not nearly as useful as they’d have you believe.) This experience is made even more frustrating when you’re car shopping with a limited budget.

So are there ever any car add-ons that are genuinely worth the extra money? Yes, actually  – particularly when they’re features intended to improve your safety while on the road. Here are some car add-ons that are definitely worth the extra cost when you buy a new car.

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How to Child-Proof Your Car

child-proof your car

Whether you’re a new parent or you’re revving up for your first road trip with the kids, we have a list of tips and suggestions to make them as comfortable and safe as possible in the car. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the car for two minutes or two hours – your child’s safety should be your first priority. Here are some tips on how to effectively child-proof your car.

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