Trying to Save Money and Get out of Debt? Consider the ‘Adult Allowance’

Save Money

No matter how good you think you are at budgeting, most of us end up hitting the ‘I’m broke’ brick wall at some point before pay day. So what can you do if you’re trying to save money/get out of debt but you’re working with limited funds?

Credit cards make it easy to give in to impulsive purchases but they can put a major dent in your ability to save when you’re forced to use March’s paycheque to pay back February’s purchases. 

We’d like to suggest an alternative system: The ‘Adult Allowance’

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Finances Spring Cleaning Blog Round Up


It’s officially the first day of Spring which means it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at your finances. Now’s the time to ask yourself if you’ve got everything organized and if your bill paying system is as efficient as possible (or if there is still work to be done).

We’ve curated some posts that we think can help you ensure you’ve got your money in order.

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How to Reframe ‘No’ for Your Child When it Comes to Spending


You’re out at the mall and your child sees a toy they’ve decided they absolutely cannot live without. They beg you for it. You look at the price tag and say No, you’re not spending money on that. They throw a fit in the middle of the store. You try to leave the mall as gracefully as possible while carrying a screaming child. You make a mental note to find a babysitter the next time you really need to shop.

Most parents or guardians can relate to the experience of having to turn down their child’s desperate pleas for an expensive toy, game, or item of clothing that they don’t need. So how do you let your child down without also inadvertently triggering a temper tantrum?

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