Grey Charges – What are They?

grey charges

Have you ever gotten a credit card bill and seen a charge for a small amount or for a company you don’t recognize? While your first instinct might be to assume it’s credit fraud or identity theft, there’s another less alarming option to consider: grey charges.


What are Grey Charges?

Grey charges are charges for services you’ve forgotten about or were not aware of and that you don’t use but that are still charged to your credit card on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Remember the gym membership you signed up for and totally forgot about? How about that video streaming service with one month free and then they charge you full price every month? Despite not actually going to the gym or using the VOD service, the company could easily still be charging you if you forgot to cancel (depending on the length and terms of your contract).

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A Good Credit Score: Become a Credit Superstar

good credit score

Having access to credit isn’t just a fundamental part of how society functions, it’s a requirement for a huge number of important financial milestones. Mortgage, car loan, student loan, you name it: a good credit score is your key to tapping into borrowed money.

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