Increase Your Savings


Do you struggle with putting aside some extra money at the end of each month? Read our tips to help you increase your savings without putting yourself under too much financial strain.

Set Up Auto Saver

Most banks have the option to automatically put aside a certain amount of money each month. Whether you have a savings account or a TFSA, it’s an easy way to ensure that you’re adding to your savings each month. Some banks even offer the option to move a dollar into your savings account every time you make a transaction.

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Trying to Save Money and Get out of Debt? Consider the ‘Adult Allowance’

Save Money

No matter how good you think you are at budgeting, most of us end up hitting the ‘I’m broke’ brick wall at some point before pay day. So what can you do if you’re trying to save money/get out of debt but you’re working with limited funds?

Credit cards make it easy to give in to impulsive purchases but they can put a major dent in your ability to save when you’re forced to use March’s paycheque to pay back February’s purchases. 

We’d like to suggest an alternative system: The ‘Adult Allowance’

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