What goes along with Credit Dispute Letters

Credit report disputing is the main process you use for basic credit repair. You have to write the dispute letter correctly of course, but perhaps just as important is how you send the dispute letter to the credit bureaus. If you don’t send them right, then your shot at succeeding with the dispute letter is greatly decreased. You can find hundreds of credit letter examples all over the internet. Lots of sites will give them to you for nothing. There is just one place we have heard of that will let you use free software to produce the dispute letters. That website is CreditBlossom.com.

We are not going to address the dispute letter format in this article since you can find several styles all over the web. In this article you are going to find out how to send out the dispute letters to perform basic creditrepair. Please note, this is almost as important as the dispute letter itself because if you send the letter improperly, it will likely fail to produce any results.

Once you have created the letter, you have to make an ID page to mail with the letter. The ID page contains identification that will confirm to the credit bureaus that it is really you sending out the letters. You might wonder why you have to do this. If you are sending out the letter, shouldn’t that be enough? Of course, that is the logical thought, but you have to put yourself in the position of the credit bureaus. They are handling millions of pieces of mail. They cannot be bothered with mail that is not definitely coming from the person disputing the item on the credit report. Even if you had a credit repair clinic make and send these letters for you, they are going to require that you provide them with the ID documents to send with the letters. The ID page confirms to the credit bureaus that it is definitely you sending the letters.

The ID documents that you must include are the following:

1. Copy of your driver’s license.

2. Photocopy of your social security card.

3. Photocopy of a household bill.

After you have gathered all these needed documents, you will copy them all on to 1 or 2 pages. The copy must be very clear. If you cannot read the words on the copies, then the credit bureau employee will not put any time into trying to make out the words and they will either discard your letters, or they will mail you a letter requesting you to send your ID to them again and that will slow down the credit repair process.

After you have made a clear copy of your ID, you will need to make enough copies of that copy to include with all the letters you plan to mail to the credit reporting agencies. If you visit creditblossom.com you can view a sample of what an ID page is supposed to look like. If you cannot squeeze everything on to one page (because maybe you had to change your address for your driver’s license and you need to include the sheet that verifies the update) you can certainly prepare the ID page on two pages. That is not ideal, but it will not mess up the process