All About Cars

Do you have trouble understanding the terminology for the different types of cars on the market? We’ve broken down and defined 7 of the most common cars available for consumers.



The sedan is one of the most ubiquitous types of cars you’ll see on the road. It typically has 4 doors and a standard size trunk separate from the cabin of the car. There are several sub-categories for the sedan including the compact, sub-compact, notchback, and fastback models.



Hatchbacks feature many of the same functionalities as a sedan but have a rear door that opens completely rather than a separate trunk.  Hatchbacks are great when you need quick and easy access to storage, and while most are a four door configuration, there are also two door hatchbacks available.




SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. It’s a powerful car with a big, boxy build that’s typically valued for its off-roading and soft-roading capabilities. 




A crossover combines the best of both worlds – the compactness and fuel economy of a hatchback with the power and the roominess of an SUV. Like their SUV counterparts, crossovers have soft-roading capabilities. Unlike SUVs, they’re constructed like a car and use a unibody construction rather than a separate body on frame platform.




A coupe is a sporty two door car with a fixed roof. It generally only has 2 seats (one for the driver and one for the passenger) and a smaller rear than a sedan. The meaning of the word coupe has changed and evolved over time and now can be used to describe four door cars with sporty, coupe-like proportions.




A convertible is any car with a removable top. The roof is either a retractable hard top or a soft folding top and can be raised or lowered at the driver’s convenience. This car is typically only seen in warmer climates or during the warm summer months in countries that experience all 4 seasons.




An MPV (also known as an MUV) is a multi purpose or multi utility vehicle designed to offer lots of space and roominess for passengers inside. MPVs are often referred to as ‘people movers’ or ‘people carriers’ and many have an interior that can be easily reconfigured.

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