Get Over the Winter Blahs (On a Budget)

The winter months at the beginning of the year can be hard to deal with – particularly if you live in a country like Canada that’s often cold, snowy and grey for days on end. We’ve got a few suggestions to help you deal with the winter blahs without spending any money and by staying under budget.

Pick a Fun Savings Goal

The best way to motivate yourself to save money is to reframe it as something that’s fun to do rather than an inconvenience. So how do you that? Come up with an attainable savings goal that you can look forward to! Whether it’s a trip somewhere or finally getting around to renovating your basement, try to pick something that isn’t going to take years and years to save for but that you know would positively impact your life. That way whenever the winter gets you down, you can focus on the good things you have coming up soon.

Find Other Ways to Keep Warm

While it’s tempting to crank the heat up during the winter months, the resulting charges on your energy bill can be a serious drain on your finances (and your mood). Think about creative ways to keep your home warm and inviting that will save you money in the long run.  Cozy blankets, slippers, hot water bottles, candles (and practical solutions like thicker curtains and door skirts) will help you keep the cold out without also costing you a fortune.

Look for Non-Financial Incentives to Keep Your Spirits High

As tempting as it might be to hit the mall (or after a hard day, try to find ways to lift up your mood that don’t involve retail therapy. Are there are any Netflix movies or shows you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t had the chance yet? How about a book that’s been collecting dust on your shelf because you’ve been too busy to give yourself time to just read and relax? That’s not to say you should never treat yourself financially, just don’t forget about all of the other things you can do to reward yourself that don’t involve pulling out your bank card or going over budget. Sometimes something as simple as a relaxing bath is all you need to hit the reset button on your mood.

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