Winter Tires: Don’t Get Stuck in the Snow

While you may have great tires, when you need to drive in snow and ice, having snow tires is vital to traveling safely in this type of weather.  The importance of winter tires can be seen when you start driving in precarious situations and your vehicle is sliding all over the road.  Snow tires will do more to grip and grab at the ground rather than the smoother riding regular tires.

The snow tires are made of more flexible material to not crack and become brittle in the cold weather.  Regular tires are made to withstand the heat and the harder roads while snow tires are made to give a bit more while being able to grip the road.  The treads are bit wider and deeper so when they hit the snow or slushy conditions that can cause vehicles to slide, the tread can absorb some of it.

The importance of winter tires can be seen when you don’t have them and your car slides all over the road in wintery conditions.  This is not the time to realize your regular ties are not up to the challenge of treacherous roads and bad conditions.  Put your snow tires on at the beginning of the winter season but remember to take them off as the season ends.  It is not good for your vehicle to have those types of tires on for long term use.  While you may dread the thought of putting on and taking off your snow tires, in the event of bad weather, you really can’t be too cautious or take enough precautions.

When you are driving, you are responsible for your vehicle and having the right types of tires and gear for your car is something you should do to ensure not only your safety but those around you.  You will realize the importance of winter tires when you drive with regular tires in hazardous conditions and hopefully you will take the necessary steps to winterize your vehicle.

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